CG-Pro Update Log


CG-Pro V2.1.1.0  NEW


1. CPU->MCU, added support chip

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12H128

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12H256

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12KGKT128

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12KGKT256

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12G128

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12G240

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12GA128

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12GA240

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12GN16

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12GNA16

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12GN32

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12GNA32

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12G48

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12GA48

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12G64

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12GA64

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12G96

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12GA96

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12G192

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12GA192

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12GN48

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12GC128

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12GC96

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12GC64

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12GC32

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12GC16

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12C32

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12C64

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12C96

   Motorola - 9S12 9S12C128

2. Immobilizer, added support models

   BMW CAS1-0K50E (PFLASH Backup)

   BMW CAS2-2K79X (PFLASH Backup)

   BMW CAS2-0L01Y (PFLASH Backup)

   BMW CAS3-0L15Y (PFLASH Backup)

   BMW CAS3-0M23S (PFLASH Backup)

   BMW CAS4-1L15Y (PFLASH Backup)

   BMW CAS3-0L01Y (PFLASH Backup)

3. Improvements and fixes

   Fixed the problom that when the software starts, if the network connection fails, it may lead to no response.

   Add some operation prompt information. Optimize the clarity of the log bar information.


CG-Pro V2.1.0.0


1. Added support chip

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08AC8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08AC16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08AC32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08AC48

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08AC60

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08AC96

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08AC128

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08AW8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08AW16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08AW32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08AW48

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08AW60

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08FL8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08FL16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08SC4

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08QA2

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08QA4

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08QB4

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08QB8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08QD2

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08QD4

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08QE4

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08QE8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08QE16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08QE32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08QE64

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08QE96

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08QE128

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08QG4

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08QG8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08JE64

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08JE128

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08JS8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08JS16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08JM8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08JM16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08JM32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08JM60

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08MM32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08MM32A

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08MM64

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08MM128

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08LC36

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08LC60

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08LH36

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08LH64

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08LL8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08LL16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08LL36

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08LL64

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08DZ16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08DZ32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08DZ48

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08DZ60

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08DZ96

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08DZ128

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08DV16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08DV32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08DV48

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08DV60

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08DV96

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08DV128

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08DN16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08DN32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08DN48

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08DN60

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08EL16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08EL32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08GB32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08GB60

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08GT16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08GT32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08GT60

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08GW32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08GW64

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08RC8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08RC16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08RC32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08RC60

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08RD8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08RD16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08RD32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08RD60

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08RE8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08RE16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08RE32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08RE60

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08RG32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08RG60

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08SE4

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08SE8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08SF4

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08SG4

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08SG8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08SG16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08SG32

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08SH4

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08SH8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08SL8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08SL16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08SU8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08SU16

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08SV8

   Motorola - 9S08 9S08SV16

   Renesas - R8C R5F2154

   Renesas - R8C R5F21546E

   Renesas - R8C R5F21547E

   Renesas - R8C R5F21548E

   Renesas - R8C R5F2154AE

   Renesas - R8C R5F2154CE

   Renesas - R8C R5F21546F

   Renesas - R8C R5F21547F

   Renesas - R8C R5F21548F

   Renesas - R8C R5F2154AF

   Renesas - R8C R5F2154CF

   Renesas - R8C R5F21546G

   Renesas - R8C R5F21547G

   Renesas - R8C R5F21548G

   Renesas - R8C R5F2154AG 

   Renesas - R8C R5F2154CG

   Renesas - R8C R5F21546H

   Renesas - R8C R5F21547H

   Renesas - R8C R5F21548H

   Renesas - R8C R5F2154AH

   Renesas - R8C R5F2154CH

2. Added Dashboard

   KIA 2017 K2

   KIA 2017 KX

   KIA New K5

   Baojun 730

   Toyota Fortuner

   Chery Tiggo 5

   Hyundai VERNA

3. The key generation function type is added to the model, and the following models are supported.

   Alfa Romeo 166_1998_93C56

   Alfa Romeo 145_93C46

   Alfa Romeo 146_93C46

   Alfa Romeo 155_93C46

   Alfa Romeo 156_93C56

   Alfa Romeo 164_93C46

   Alfa Romeo GTV_93C46

   Alfa Romeo Spider_93C46





   Bentley Arnage_1998_24C04

   Citroen Berlingo_1998_93C46

   Citroen Elysee_2002_93C46







   Honda Accord_1999_68HC05

   Honda Civic_1997_MC68HC05

   Honda Civic_2001_MC68HC05

   Iveco Daily_1996_93C46

   Jaguar/Land Rover Freelander_2001_MC68HC11_ID73

   Jaguar/Land Rover 75_68HC11

   Jaguar/Land Rover 600_68HC05

   Jaguar/Land Rover 618_68HC05

   Jaguar/Land Rover 620_68HC05

   Jaguar/Land Rover 800_68HC05

   Jaguar/Land Rover Discovery3

   Lancia K_93C46

   Mitsubishi Carisma_2000_93C56

   Mitsubishi Space_Star_1999_93C56

   Peugeot 106_93C46

   Peugeot 206_1998_HC05

   Peugeot 406_1997_93C46_ID33

   Peugeot Partner_1997_93C46

   Seat Immobox_NO.6X0_953_257_24C04

   Suzuki Alto_2006_93C56

   Suzuki Grand_Vitara_2006_93C56

   Suzuki SX4_2006_93C56

   Suzuki Swift_2006_93C56

   Volvo 40_93C46

   Volvo 40_93C56

   Volvo 40_93C66

   Volvo 70_93C56

   Volvo 70_93C66

   Volvo 850_93C46

   Volvo 940_93C46

   Volvo Trucks_FH12_93C66

   Volvo Trucks_FH250_93C66

4. Added wiring diagram

   AUDI J518 (Non-original)

5. Improvements and fixes

   Now the HC705 can operate the encrypted chip (except 0D53J\0G47V) and fix the problem that it can be operated without placing the chip.

   Fix Porsche key matching function exception.

   Fix the problem that B38 can be read if it is not connected to the computer board.

   Fix the problem that after the device is automatically activated, it still prompts to expire, and you need to manually remove it.

   Fix the problem that the Repair FLASH is abnormal in ECU.

   Update the personal account login and registration function interface, you can now choose to use the email to receive the verification code to register.

   Feature optimization, reducing memory footprint and improving performance.


CG-Pro V2.0.5.0


1. Added support chip

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F59BC

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F594BS

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F591B

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F592B

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F594B

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F596B

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F597B

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F599B

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F59AC

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F578C

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F579C

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F577

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F575

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F060

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F067

   Infineon TC1793

   ST 35128WT (Normal area read and write)

   Motorola-HC(9)08 HC908AB32

   Motorola-HC(9)08 HC908AZ32A

   Motorola-HC(9)08 HC908AZ60-4J74Y(FLASH)

2. Added Immobilizer

   STEC IMMOBOX (0L07H 0L59X 0L72A 3K56G)

3. Added ECU

   BMW F Series B38 MEVD 17.2.3(F20 1793) (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series B38 MEVD 17.2.3(F20 1793) (FLASH)

   BMW F Series B38 MEVD 17.2.K(F20 1793) (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series B38 MEVD 17.2.K(F20 1793) (FLASH)

4. Added Hex Editor option to menu

   You can open the Hex Editor tool to view, modify, and compare data files.

5. Other fixes

   a. Improve CAS4 decryption stability

   b. V850 D70F35XX pin diagram improvement

   c. TC17XX pin diagram improvement

   d. Network interface update, now can submit feedback normally


CG-Pro V2.0.4.0  


1. Added Models - VIN - BMW CAS1-CAS4

   Loading CAS1~CAS4 data can automatically identify the VIN, you can modify the VIN and save

2. The Chips - Manufacturer - NEC modified to Renesas-V850 and the following models were added:

   D70F3231, D70F3232, D70F3233, D70F3234, D70F3235, 

   D70F3236, D70F3237, D70F3238, D70F3239, D70F3333, 

   D70F3334, D70F3335, D70F3336, D70F3340, D70F3341, 

   D70F3342, D70F3343, D70F3344, D70F3345, D70F3346, 

   D70F3347, D70F3348, D70F3350, D70F3351, D70F3352, 

   D70F3353, D70F3354, D70F3355, D70F3356, D70F3357, 

   D70F3358, D70F3364, D70F3365, D70F3366, D70F3367, 

   D70F3368, D70F3370A, D70F3371, D70F3372, D70F3373, 

   D70F3374, D70F3375, D70F3376A, D70F3377A, D70F3378, 

   D70F3379, D70F3380, D70F3381, D70F3382, D70F3383, 

   D70F3384, D70F3385, D70F3402, D70F3403, D70F3416, 

   D70F3417, D70F3421, D70F3422, D70F3423, D70F3424, 

   D70F3425, D70F3426, D70F3427, D70F3433, D70F3469, 

   D70F3522, D70F3523, D70F3524, D70F3525, D70F3526, 

   D70F3548, D70F3549, D70F3550, D70F3551, D70F3552, 

   D70F3553, D70F3554, D70F3555, D70F3557, D70F3558, 

   D70F3559, D70F3560, D70F3585, D70F3611, D70F3612, 

   D70F3613, D70F3614, D70F3615, D70F3616, D70F3617, 

   D70F3618, D70F3619, D70F3620, D70F3621, D70F3622, 

   D70F3623, D70F3628, D70F3634, D70F4000, D70F4001, 

   D70F4002, D70F4003, D70F4003, D70F4005, D70F4006, 

   D70F4007, D70F4008, D70F4009, D70F4010, D70F4011, 


3. Added Chips - CPU->MCU - Renesas-RH850 Series model:

   R7F701002, R7F701003, R7F701006, R7F701007, R7F701008, 

   R7F701009, R7F701010, R7F701011, R7F701012, R7F701013, 

   R7F701014, R7F701015, R7F701016, R7F701017, R7F701018, 

   R7F701019, R7F701020, R7F701021, R7F701022, R7F701023, 

   R7F701024, R7F701025, R7F701026, R7F701027, R7F701028, 

   R7F701029, R7F701030, R7F701033, R7F701034, R7F701040, 

   R7F701041, R7F701042, R7F701043, R7F701044, R7F701045, 

   R7F701046, R7F701047, R7F701048, R7F701049, R7F701050, 

   R7F701051, R7F701052, R7F701053, R7F701054, R7F701055, 

   R7F701056, R7F701057, R7F701401, R7F701402, R7F701403, 

   R7F701404, R7F701405, R7F701406, R7F701407, R7F701408, 

   R7F701410, R7F701411, R7F701412, R7F701421, R7F701422, 

   R7F701423, R7F701424, R7F701425, R7F701426, R7F701427, 

   R7F701428, R7F701430, R7F701431, R7F701432


CG-Pro V2.0.2.0 


1. Added ECU

   BMW E Series 3 or 5 series (FLASH)

   BMW E Series 3 or 5 series (Ext FLASH)

   BMW E Series 3 or 5 series (EEPROM)

   BMW E Series X1 (FLASH)

   BMW E Series X1 (Ext FLASH)

   BMW E Series X1 (EEPROM)

   BMW E Series DDE701_EDC17C50 (FLASH)

   BMW E Series DDE701_EDC17C50 (EEPROM)

   BMW E Series DDE70_EDC17C06 (FLASH)

   BMW E Series DDE70_EDC17C06 (EEPROM)

   BMW E Series DDE71_EDC17CP02 (FLASH)

   BMW E Series DDE71_EDC17CP02 (EEPROM)

   BMW E Series DDE721_EDC17C41 (FLASH)

   BMW E Series DDE721_EDC17C41 (EEPROM)

   BMW E Series DDE731_EDC17CP45 (FLASH)

   BMW E Series DDE731_EDC17CP45 (EEPROM)

   BMW E Series DDE73_EDC17CP09 (FLASH)

   BMW E Series DDE73_EDC17CP09 (EEPROM)

   BMW E Series ME1745(N45) (FLASH)

   BMW E Series ME1745(N45) (EEPROM)

   BMW E Series MEVD17(N55) (FLASH)

   BMW E Series MEVD17(N55) (EEPROM)

   BMW E Series MEVD1724(N20) (FLASH)

   BMW E Series MEVD1724(N20) (EEPROM)

   BMW E Series MEVD1726(N55) (FLASH)

   BMW E Series MEVD1726(N55) (EEPROM)

   BMW E Series MEVD1729(N20) (FLASH)

   BMW E Series MEVD1729(N20) (EEPROM)

   BMW E Series MV1746(N46) (FLASH)

   BMW E Series MV1746(N46) (EEPROM)

   BMW E Series MVS946(N46) (FLASH)

   BMW E Series MVS946(N46) (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series DDE701A (FLASH)

   BMW F Series DDE701A (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series DDE701P (FLASH)

   BMW F Series DDE701P (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series DDE721B (FLASH)

   BMW F Series DDE721B (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series DDE731A (FLASH)

   BMW F Series DDE731A (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series DDE73A (FLASH)

   BMW F Series DDE73A (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series DDE741A (FLASH)

   BMW F Series DDE741A (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series DDE751A (FLASH)

   BMW F Series DDE751A (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series MEVD1724(N20) (FLASH)

   BMW F Series MEVD1724(N20) (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series MEVD1725(N13) (FLASH)

   BMW F Series MEVD1725(N13) (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series MEVD1726 N55(F15 X5) (FLASH)

   BMW F Series MEVD1726 N55(F15 X5) (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series MEVD1726 N55(X5 X6 5X) (FLASH)

   BMW F Series MEVD1726 N55(X5 X6 5X) (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series MEVD1728(S63) (FLASH)

   BMW F Series MEVD1728(S63) (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series MEVD1729(N20) (FLASH)

   BMW F Series MEVD1729(N20) (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series MEVD172G(N55) (FLASH)

   BMW F Series MEVD172G(N55) (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series MEVD172P(N20) (FLASH)

   BMW F Series MEVD172P(N20) (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series MEVD172S(N55) (FLASH)

   BMW F Series MEVD172S(N55) (EEPROM)

   BMW R Series (Mini) DDE701_EDC17C50 (FLASH)

   BMW R Series (Mini) DDE701_EDC17C50 (EEPROM)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MED172(N14/N16) (FLASH)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MED172(N14/N16) (EEPROM)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MEV172(N14/N16) (FLASH)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MEV172(N14/N16) (EEPROM)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MEV1722 (FLASH)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MEV1722 (EEPROM)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MEVD17.2 SAU(TC1796) (FLASH)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MEVD17.2 SAU(TC1796) (Ext FLASH)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MEVD17.2 SAU(TC1796) (EEPROM)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MEVD17.2(TC1796) (FLASH)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MEVD17.2(TC1796) (Ext FLASH)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MEVD17.2(TC1796) (EEPROM)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MEVD17.2.2(TC1797) (FLASH)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MEVD17.2.2(TC1797) (EEPROM)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MEVD1722 (FLASH)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MEVD1722 (EEPROM)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MINI(TC1766) (FLASH)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MINI(TC1766) (EEPROM)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MVED1727 (FLASH)

   BMW R Series (Mini) MVED1727 (EEPROM)

   Bentley MEVD17XX(TC1797) (FLASH)

   Bentley MEVD17XX(TC1797) (EEPROM)

   Volkswagen MEVD17XX(TC1766) (FLASH)

   Volkswagen MEVD17XX(TC1766) (EEPROM)

   Volkswagen MEVD17XX(TC1796) (FLASH)

   Volkswagen MEVD17XX(TC1796) (Ext FLASH)

   Volkswagen MEVD17XX(TC1796) (EEPROM)

   Volkswagen MEVD17XX(TC1797) (FLASH)

   Volkswagen MEVD17XX(TC1797) (EEPROM)

   MT60 JAC B6000246 (FLASH)

   MT60 JAC B6000246 (EEPROM)

   MT60 MT60 (FLASH)

   MT60 MT60 (EEPROM)

   MT60 Sail 28086804 (FLASH)

   MT60 Sail 28086804 (EEPROM)

   MT80 28147667 (FLASH)

   MT80 28147667 (EEPROM)

   MT80 28180087 (FLASH)

   MT80 28180087 (EEPROM)

   MT80 28209396 (FLASH)

   MT80 28209396 (EEPROM)

   MT80 28232660 (FLASH)

   MT80 28232660 (EEPROM)

   MT80 3095167 (FLASH)

   MT80 3095167 (EEPROM)

   MT80 9015423 (FLASH)

   MT80 9015423 (EEPROM)

   MT80 9025068 (FLASH)

   MT80 9025068 (EEPROM)

   MT80 B6000396 (FLASH)

   MT80 B6000396 (EEPROM)

   MT80 Excelle 9025069 (FLASH)

   MT80 Excelle 9025069 (EEPROM)

   MT80 Lova 9015423 (FLASH)

   MT80 Lova 9015423 (EEPROM)

   MT80 Lova automatic (FLASH)

   MT80 Lova automatic (EEPROM)

   MT80 MT80 (FLASH)

   MT80 MT80 (EEPROM)





2.Added chip

  Infineon TC1766

  Infineon TC1796

  Infineon TC1797

3.Added Key

  Jaguar/Land Rover KVM-XET256 XEQ384

4.Added the View Help option to the menu. 

  Make sure your computer has a PDF reader installed before use. (Currently only Chinese version)


CG-Pro V2.0.1.0  


1. Add User feedback function

   Now open the menu and select "Send Feedback". You can send us questions or suggestions found during the use of the software to help us improve the user experience.

2. Automatic Device Activation interface update

   After this update is released, the old version of the software automatic activation function will no longer be supported, please upgrade to the latest version.

3. Network interface update

   The performance of the network communication module is optimized. The functions of user account registration and login on the old version software will be affected. Please use the latest version.


CG-Pro V2.0.0.0  


1. Added support chip

  ST 35160WT (Must use a dedicated 35160WT adapter)

  Microchip PIC18F6520

  Microchip PIC18F6720

  Microchip PIC18F8520

  Microchip PIC18F8620

  Microchip PIC18F8720

  Microchip PIC12F635

  Microchip PIC12F683

  Microchip PIC16F631

  Microchip PIC16F636

  Microchip PIC16F639

  Microchip PIC16F677

  Microchip PIC16F684

  Microchip PIC16F685

  Microchip PIC16F687

  Microchip PIC16F688

  Microchip PIC16F689

  Microchip PIC16F690

2. Added Dashboard

  BMW 35080 V5 (35160WT) (Must use a dedicated 35160WT adapter)

3. Added ECU

  Delphi MT22 MT60 (PFLASH)

  Delphi MT22.1.1-2M53J (PFLASH)

4. Added user guide function

  Now, after the program is installed first opened, it will enter the basic functions page guide to help users quickly understand the software.

5. Software structure optimization

  Operation interface adjustment to improve functional clarity. Reduce resource consumption and improve operational stability.


CG-Pro V1.6.0.0  


1.Add Immobilizer

  Land Rover Discovery 3

2.Add Dashboard

  Honda Fit High

  Honda Fit Low

  Honda Vezel

  Honda XR-V

  Honda Greiz

  Hyundai 2016 Carens

  Hyundai Sonata 9

  Hyundai Sonata 9 V2

  KIA 2016 K3

  KIA 2016 K5

  Suzuki 2017 Jimny

  BMW F Series (3 Series)

  ChangAn ZhiXin II

3.Add Gateway, Support for CGMB Gateway data writes

  Benz 204/212-1L15Y (FLASH)

  Benz 204/212-3M25J (FLASH)

4.Add chip

  Motorola-9S08 9S08LG16-0M48V

  Motorola-9S08 9S08LG16-0M48V

  Fujitsu MB91F061S

  Fujitsu MB91F062BS

  Fujitsu MB91F467S

  Microchip PIC18F24J11

  Microchip PIC18F25J11

  Microchip PIC18F26J11

  Microchip PIC18F44J11

  Microchip PIC18F45J11

  Microchip PIC18F46J11

  Microchip PIC18F26J13

  Microchip PIC18F27J13

  Microchip PIC18F46J13

  Microchip PIC18F47J13

  Microchip PIC18F24J50

  Microchip PIC18F25J50

  Microchip PIC18F26J50

  Microchip PIC18F44J50

  Microchip PIC18F45J50

  Microchip PIC18F46J50

  Microchip PIC18F26J53

  Microchip PIC18F27J53

  Microchip PIC18F46J53

  Microchip PIC18F47J53

  Microchip PIC18F6620

5.Fixed the problem that CAS2-2K79X read failure

6.Optimizing code to improve the stability of program operation


CG-Pro V1.5.0.0  


1.Remove the restriction that the device must be associated with a personal account to obtain network authorization.

  Now, just open the software, connect the device, (less than 1 days remaining for authorization time). In the case of normal network connection, only 10 seconds can be automatically renewed, no login account.

2.Lightweight improvements to the user interface, this optimization will continue several versions, resulting in a faster and more efficient operation experience.

  We will continue to optimize the product, thanks to the support and feedback from the broad masses of users!


CG-Pro V1.4.0.0 


1. Add Key Matching

  Porsche BCM-1N35H

  Porsche BCM-2M25J

  Porsche BCM-5M48H

2. Add Anti-theft Computer

   Land Rover BCM-XEP100

   Land Rover BCM-XEP768

3.Add chip

  NEC D70F3548

  NEC D70F3558

  NEC D70F3585

  NEC D70F3385

  NEC D70F3469

  NEC D70F3628

  Motorola-9S12 9S12HA32-0M34S

  Motorola-9S12 9S12HY32-0M34S

  Motorola-9S12 9S12HA48-0M34S

  Motorola-9S12 9S12HY48-0M34S

  Motorola-9S12 9S12HA64-0M34S

  Motorola-9S12 9S12HY64-0M34S

  Motorola-9S12 9S12XHY128-0M23Y

  Motorola-9S12 9S12XHY256-0M23Y

  Motorola-9S12 9S12HZ128-3L16Y

  Motorola-9S12 9S12HZ256-3L16Y

  Motorola-9S12 9S12XEP768-4M48H

4. Optimized wiring diagram view function interface

5. Fixed picture M35080 adapter

6. Fixed the problem that read CAS4 PFLASH Backup actually read the Dflash 

7. Fixed HC705 Series Chip unrelated issues


CG-Pro V1.3.4.0


1. Add Key Matching

   Jaguar/Land Rover 3L40K

2. Correction algorithm, Dashboard Mileage

   Benz EIS-639 (HC08)

3. Fixed picture

   Audi A6L Q7 - J518 - 3L40K 4L40K 1L59W

4. Optimize the part of the interface visual effect


CG-Pro V1.3.3.0  


1.Add support model

  Gateway Computer

    Benz 204/212(3M25J)

2."Single Chip" renamed "CPU->MCU", add the following models








3.Add pictures

  Benz EIZ - W169(ST12) 1L59W 4L40K 3L40K-V1

  Benz 204/212 Front SAM  V3

  Benz 204/212 Front SAM  V4

4.Optimize 3L40K, 0K50E decryption speed


CG-Pro V1.3.2.0  


1.Add support model

  Anti-theft Computer

    Audi A4/A5/Q5-BCM(D70F3634)

Audi A4/A5/Q5-BCM(D70F3380)

2.The following models increase algorithm support

  BMW CAS3-0M23S

  Benz EIS-203 (HC08)

  Benz EIS-220/215 (HC08)

  Volvo 2012 S60-XC60-S80(384FLASH)

  Volvo 2012 S60-XC60-S80(384EEPROM)

  Volvo 2012 S60-XC60-S80(512FLASH)

  Volvo 2012 S60-XC60-S80(512EEPROM)

  Volvo 2015 XC60-S60(384FLASH)

  Volvo 2015 XC60-S60(384EEPROM)

  Volvo 2015 XC60-S60(512FLASH)

  Volvo 2015 XC60-S60(512EEPROM)

  Volvo 2016 S60-XC60-S80(384FLASH)

  Volvo 2016 S60-XC60-S80(384EEPROM)

  Volvo 2016 S60-XC60-S80(512FLASH)

  Volvo 2016 S60-XC60-S80(512EEPROM)

3.Add pictures

  8 Pin/V850 Adapter

  D70F3xxx Pin Diagram 

  A4 A5 Q5-BCM Wiring Diagram

4.The following models to increase backup Pflash option

  CAS4-5M48H (PFLASH Backup)

  CAS4-1N35H (PFLASH Backup)

  BCM-5M48H (PFLASH Backup)

  BCM-1N35H (PFLASH Backup)

5.Fixed the problem that part of Model read operation failed, prompt "operation complete" 

6.Optimize the automatic update experience to improve performance


CG-Pro V1.3.1.0  


1.Add Chip support








2.Add Model support

  Anti-theft Computer

    BMW EWS3 0D46J

3.Fixed the problem of mileage calculation error in XP system

4.Fixed the problem of 35080 series chip mileage calculation anomaly

5.Add Hardware version detection, when the software and hardware version does not match, you will not be able to operate (since the version of the effective)

6.Optimize the automatic update feature to enhance the update experience


CG-Pro V1.3.0.0  


1.Add Chip support






2.Add Model support

  Anti-theft Computer

    BMW EWS2 1D47J

    BMW EWS3 2D47J

  Dashboard Mileage

    Volvo 2012 S60

    Volvo 2012 S80

    Volvo 2012 XC60


    Delphi MT20


    Audi ESL-4L35K (Unlock)

3.Program structure optimization, improve operational efficiency and increase stability