CG-100 Update Log


CG-100  V3.9.9.6  NEW


1.Add support chip:

  NEC R7F701A223

  Fujitsu MB91F061BS

  Fujitsu MB91F062BS


2.Add Airbag support model:

  DongFeng SPC560P40L1 Series

  DongFeng U04100J-G0106

  DongFeng U04100J-G0112

  DongFeng U410010J-D0203

  DongFeng U410010J-D0204

  DongFeng U410010J-F0101

  DongFeng U410010J-F0300

  DongFeng U410010J-F0500

  DongFeng U410010J-G0111

  Toyota 89170-02L30 (mode 2) 

  Toyota 89170-06480

  Toyota 89170-0DA30

  Toyota 89170-0G030

  Toyota 89170-42830

  Toyota 89170-53680

  Toyota 89170-60C10

  Toyota 89170-60C50

  Buick 26670439

  Buick 26670494

  BMW 6577-9266328-01

  Hanteng X7-J3858458-3658010001-B15

  Volvo P31429510

  Haima SB32-57-K30

  Hyundai KX7 95910-C0100

  Hyundai 95910-C9900

  Hyundai 95910-C0100 

  Ford C1BT-14B321-FD

  Ford EB3T-14B321-BE

  Ford EB3T-14B321-FG

  Ford FL3T-14B321-BA

  Ford GK29-14B321-BC

  Luxgen S3 28556-LA170

  Great Wall 3658110XKY28A

  Great Wall 3658110XKZ1DA

  Great Wall SPC560P40L1 Series

  Chevrolet D70F3548 Series

  Renault 639738300

  Mazda BRE7-57K30

  Mazda KD5H-57K30


3.The following airbag models add or update repair data:

  Jaguar CX23-14D374-AC

  Jaguar CX23-14D374-AD

  Jaguar CX23-14D374-AE

  Ford AB39-14B321-AG

  Ford AL34-14B321-FA

  Ford BL34-14B321-FA

  Ford BL34-14B321-FB

  Ford BR33-14B321-AF

  Ford BT43-14B321-AC

  Ford BT43-14B321-AF

  Ford BT43-14B321-AG

  Ford CN15-14B321-AE

  Ford CN15-14B321-AF

  Ford CN15-14B321-BE

  Ford CN15-14B321-BF

  Ford CN15-14B321-CE

  Ford CN15-14B321-CF

  Ford CT43-14B321-AC

  Ford DB5T-14B321-AG

  Ford DL34-14B321-AC

  Ford DL34-14B321-CA

  Ford DR33-14B321-AB

  Ford DR33-14B321-AC

  Ford DT43-14B321-AC

  Ford EB3T-14B321-FF

  Ford EB5T-14B321-AA

  Ford EB5T-14B321-BA

  Ford ED8T-14B321-AD

  Ford ED8T-14B321-AE

  Ford ED8T-14B321-BD

  Ford ED8T-14B321-BE

  Ford FL3T-14B321-BD

  Ford FR3T-14B321-AF

  Ford FR3T-14B321-AJ

  Ford GB5T-14B321-AC

  Ford GK29-14B321-AC

  Ford GR2T-14B321-AD

  Ford GR3T-14B321-AA

  Ford HB5T-14B321-AA

  Land Rover BJ32-14D374-AC

  Land Rover CK52-14D374-AE

  Land Rover DJ32-14D374-AC

  Land Rover DK62-14D374-AA

  Land Rover DK62-14D374-AF

  Land Rover DK62-14D374-AG

  Land Rover EJ32-14D374-AC

  Land Rover FH22-14D374-AC

  Land Rover GJ32-14D374-AB

  Land Rover GJ32-14D374-AC

  Land Rover GK62-14D374-AA

  Land Rover HY32-14D374-AA

  Great Wall 3658110XKU00A 

  Great Wall 3658110XKY00A 

4.Picture Update:

  Hyundai 95910-F9100

  Infineon XC series 100 PIN

5.SPC564B64L8 Chip improves compatibility

6.MB91 software interface update, MB91 series chip read and write stability enhancement

7.CG100-III software stability enhancements, optimized memory footprint


CG-100  V3.9.9.1  


1.Add support chip


2.Add support model


    Chery Tiggo (XHY256) 2014

    BAIC Senova D50 (mode 3)

    Chevrilet Epica (mode 2)

    ChangAn Eulove (mode 2)

    ChangAn Eulove (mode 3)

    Chery Tiggo 3 2015

    Geely Gleagle GX7

    BAIC Senova D50 (mode 4)

    DongFeng Fengguang 360

    Haima M5 (mode 3)

    Huasong 2015

    HuangHai Qisheng

    JAC Kangling

    Chery E3 2015

    ChangAn V7 (mode 3)

    ChangAn EADO XT (mode 2)

    ChangAn EADO XT (mode 3)

    Geely Emgrand (mode 2)

    Geely Emgrand (mode 3)

    Geely Emgrand (mode 4)

    LandWind X8 2016

    SAIC G10

    DongFeng Fengguang 330

    FOTON Rowor

    ChangAn Auchan

    DongFeng Captain

    FJMOTOR Qiteng

    Haima Family (mode 2)

    Haima Family (mode 3)

    KINGLONG Minibus

    Chery EQ

    Chery Cowin 2 2016

    Chery Tiggo 5 (XHY256) (mode 2)

    SAIC MAXUS (mode 2)

    ChangAn Xingka

    Zotye Z200

    ChangAn CS15

    Zhonghua H330 2017

    Zotye Domy X5 ZB1831

    JinBei 2013 (mode 3)

3.Fixed a problem with AirBag Hyundai 95910-2P100 prompt decryption failed

4.Fixed a problem with AirBag Honda R5F2154 do not support automatic clear code repair

5.Fixed a problem with ECU chip read and write into the infinite loop can not exit

6.Fixed a problem with ECU prompt open file failed

7.Fixed a problem with Other functions Buick Excelle gearbox computer read exception

8.Fix software incompatibility issues under XP system

9.Optimize automatic update process and reduce software startup time